January 17, 2018

Bullinger officially announces retirement

By Jarann Johnson
Last week’s Center-Stanton School Board meeting went by relatively fast. But their was big news. Four school staff members turned in resignation letters.
Head of Kitchen Kathy Miller, Kitchen Assistant Jeanie Henke, Elementary Teacher Julie McLean and Elementary School Principal Kathy Bullinger all turned in their resignation letters. School Board members accepted all the resignation letters.
Bullinger’s resignation letter closed with her appreciation of the district and her willingness to help where she fits in.
“It is safe to say this district has given me more than can be expressed here. For the remainder of the school year I will work for a positive transition for all. If I can be of any help to this school in the future I would be happy to support you in anyway,” Bullinger said.
School Board members accepted all the resignation letters and thanked the employees for their hard work. Superintendent Tracy Peterson focused in on hiring plans to fill the open positions.

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