October 28, 2015

C-S 5th graders’ hard work pays off in pizza

By Annette Tait
They brainstormed, they planned, they prepared, they cut, they colored, they drew, and they glued. They collected costumes and props, and were as ready as ready could be to win the best homecoming float prize offered by Security First Bank – a pizza party for the entire class.
“We entered a parade contest for Red Ribbon Week and it was Homecoming Week, too,” said fifth-grader Katie Frank. “We made posters and we got candy and outfits.”
Kayleigh Kraft told about some of the work that went into the fifth-graders’ entry.
“In order to have the pizza party we had to prepare, so we started making and coloring signs, and then Mrs. Geiger got some wood and we made a goal like a field goal,” Kraft said. “We painted it and put some paper helmets on it, and we put the football players’ last names on them. Then we started getting uniforms, cheerleaders, band uniforms, basketball [uniforms], and other things, and we got candy. It wasn’t hard. It was fun.”
And then they found out the parade was cancelled.
“We were really sad because we were so excited – we were going to win! We had everything set to win,” Fifth-grader Cameron Albers said about finding out the parade had been cancelled. “So we hung our posters up on the wall, and we hung our sign up. We were okay. Mrs. Geiger just said, ‘We had fun making the stuff.’ It was fun making it, too.”
His classmate, Hallie Sailer, agreed.
“When we were making everything it was fun,” Sailer said. “Then, when we got everything done, it was cancelled.”
But all was not lost.
“The guidance counselor, Miss Neubauer, contacted us to inquire if we might provide the pizza party anyway, in light of [the fifth-graders’] hard work and sportsmanship,” said Deb Clarys, Security First Bank.


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