May 18, 2016

C-S food scientists develop products with consumer appeal

By Annette Tait
Pretzels, chips, snack mix -- crunchy savory bite-size finger foods to carry on the go or munch on while working, studying, or watching TV. Research shows 94 percent of Americans snack daily, resulting in $124 billion in sales in 2014.
If you’re like most consumers, you put more thought into which snack you’re hungry for than how it came to be on the supermarket shelf. After their recent unit in product development and marketing, Center-Stanton High School Food Science students know the process from start to finish, including pitching their products to their company’s CEO.
“They had to consider the demographics of the audience, how their chosen ingredients would taste, determine nutrition information, and create packaging for their product,” CSHS Agriculture Education Teacher Nikki Fideldy said. “When they were done, the final step was to convince the company CEO their product should be chosen for mass production.”
The teams had to use a minimum of four ingredients, and could choose from healthier options such as pretzels, popcorn, and raisins, as well as taste-appeal items like M&Ms candy and honey-coated peanuts. There were also seasonings available, if groups chose to use them, and a variety of materials to package their finished products.


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