December 6, 2017

C-S kindergartners get introduction to chemistry

By Annette Tait
Center-Stanton kindergarteners had fun experimenting with gases when Dakota Gasification Company chemists Amy Garman, Amanda Solberg, and Nicole Coleman visited their classroom.
“They used helium to change our voices, liquid nitrogen to make us ice cream, and dipped Cheetos in it so we could eat them and become dragons,” Kindergarten Teacher Mary Doll said, explaining how their breath, after being chilled from eating the Cheetos, puffed out like dragon smoke. “And they used dry ice to blow up a balloon, added it to colored water in beakers to make them bubble, and then used soap to create vanishing soap bubbles, and put some in syringes to make mini rockets. The kids were very amazed.”
Garman, Solberg and Coleman are chemists who work in a laboratory at DGC. Their visit to Center-Stanton was based on an earlier presentation about potential career paths given to Beulah kindergarteners.


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