January 25, 2017

C-S students seeking ‘Blood Heroes’

By Annette Tait
Some super heroes don’t wear capes, fly through the air, or save the world from alien invasions. Some very special heroes -- “Blood Heroes” -- work and live in our community, maybe down the block, next door, or even in our own homes.
Center-Stanton students from kindergarten through high school learned about these special heroes earlier this week during presentations by Teresa Johnson and Steve Metzger, donor recruitment representatives from United Blood Services.
“You were amazing with your blood drive last year!” Johnson told the kindergarten through sixth graders. “You saved a lot of lives!”
While the elementary students are too young to start their careers as blood heroes, Johnson gave them the opportunity to be heroes just the same -- by asking others to donate during the Oliver County Ambulance blood drive, from 12-6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30, at the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center.

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