June 7, 2017

Celebrating life in Oliver County: Old Settlers Days honoree Rose Mosbrucker

By Annette Tait
Old Settlers Days honoree Rose (Schneider) Mosbrucker enjoyed her childhood, but grew up fast when her mother passed away when Rose was only 12 years old. The seventh of Leo and Barbara (Hoffman) Schneider’s 13 children and the only girl left at home, Rose quickly learned what it took to take care of her younger siblings, the youngest of whom was only about a year-and-a-half old.
“It was hard when Mom died,” Rose said. “There was no washing machine or electric stove [in those days]; I had to wash the clothes by hand.”
Even though the family lived out in the country hear Yucca, their neighbor ladies made sure Rose had help learning the ins and outs of homemaking.
“Two neighbor ladies showed me how to cook and can and things like that,” she said. “We had a coal stove and I had to keep the heat even [when cooking]. It was pretty doggone cold if you didn’t keep the fire going overnight.”
Before her mother passed away, Rose attended Bremen School #1, where she completed the seventh grade.
“There were quite a few kids there,” Rose said. “I liked school -- I liked reading, math, and health.”
At recess, she’d join in games of kick the can, ring around the rosie, ante eye over, and baseball.
“I was good at baseball,” she said. “And dancing -- I loved dancing, but we didn’t go out in public for dancing until I was 14.”

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