August 2, 2017

Center ND Kids ROCK leaves smiles hidden in plain sight

By Annette Tait
It’s never too early for kids to start making their community a better place. About a dozen Center youths have joined a national movement to leave smiles -- in the form of hand-painted rocks -- hidden in plain sight for others to find.
“Their grandma brought the idea from Texas,” Heather Troy said. “She’s originally from [the State of] Washington -- it’s a big movement there.”
It’s hard to say where the painted rocks projects originated; several claim to be the first. What is for sure is the painted rocks are quickly multiplying nationwide. And once Heather’s daughter, Abby, and her friends heard about the project, they wanted to join in.
“Small town kids sometimes have to create their own fun,” Heather said. “Since we had our first [rock painting] party, they’ll come and paint for hours. It’s relaxing, and it’s a positive thing to do for someone else.”
Each youngster has his or her own style. Rocks so far include zombies, popular social media and app logos, bees with a “Bee Kind” message, encouraging phrases, and anything else the artist could imagine.
“I think it’s fun -- it’s something to do if we’re bored,” Colton Berger said. “I made a zombie, a Snapchat logo, a Musically logo, and a creeper face from Angry Birds.”

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