July 3, 2018

Center of attention

By Jarann Johnson
Saturday morning, several cars were parked opposite of the wind turbines north of Center on North Dakota Highway 48. Their reason for gathering was to see Center’s newest tourist attraction, THE CENTER-Just ask the Scientists.
Dave Berger, representing the Center Community Club, started the presentation opening the new site by thanking various groups and people who helped with the completion of the site. Then Berger showed his humorous side asking the attendees a question. “Is there anybody here from Rugby?”
He was referring to a debate about the center of North America, which was previously believed to be near Rugby. Richard Schmidt, Oliver County Extension Agent, gave the audience a more detailed overview of the Center of North American debate.
“There was an article written in 2015 and the New York Times called Center, North Dakota. They wanted to know what being the true geographical center of North America meant to Oliver County and the city of Center. It was very new to me,” Schmidt continued.

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