October 30, 2013

Center-Stanton music students take Euro trip

When it comes to the Center-Stanton High School choir and band students, there are few things as treasured as a chance to go to Europe as a Northern Ambassador of Music.
“This is something we were all looking forward to doing,” senior Tristina Hintz said. “It was surreal. It didn’t feel real until I was holding the letter in my hand (for the trip).”
Hintz was one of eight students handpicked by music teacher Lacey Hanson to go on the 16-day trip, an honor that only 350 students from North Dakota and Montana were awarded this year. Katie Windhorst, Cassidy Fitch, Tristen Henke, Megan Schwalbe, Carly Benjamin, Danny Henke and Quentin Bergstadt also attended the program.
Students from CSHS are chosen once every two years to go on the trip in the summer, Hanson said. The school has participated in the program since 2001.
“They pretty much rehearse nonstop,” she said, adding the musicians first must learn difficult music during a three-day camp at North Dakota State University.
“Some songs seemed impossible to learn,” Hintz said. “But we learned them all.”
There are other groups in the country that participate, but the Northern Ambassadors are the largest, Hanson said.


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