February 19, 2014

Center-Stanton state assessment scores in

North Dakota State Assessment scores have been received for Center-Stanton Public Schools students, Elementary Principal Kathy Bullinger reported to the CSPS board at its Feb. 11 meeting. The state assessment is given each fall to students in grades 3-8 and 11 as required by federal No Child Left Behind legislation. Students are assessed on state grade level standards in mathematics, reading and English language arts. Students in grades 4, 8, and 11 are also assessed on state grade level standards in science. Scores have been given to teachers to share with parents at the next parent-teacher conferences.
Bullinger said that the district has not yet received its annual yearly progress report, and noted that the school will not meet the 100 percent proficiency benchmark set by NCLB.
Critics of the NCLB argue that 100 percent proficiency is an unattainable requirement.
Bullinger also reported that the school improvement committee is working to evaluate CSPS in the areas of teaching and assessing. The committee is preparing staff, students and parents for the next round of surveys, the results of which will help to drive decision-making processes for the school district.  Also in progress is work to develop ways to integrate writing goals into next year’s school and program improvement plans.


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