September 11, 2008

Citizen concerns top City Council agenda

By Robyn Rohde
One thing is for sure after the Center City Council meeting Monday – new and returning council members will be faced with an array of issues in the coming months. An agenda that featured six personal appearances took up a bulk of the council’s meeting time with Mark Thompson requesting payment for damage and services related to a sewage backup in his residence on Aug. 22.
According to a written statement handed out to the council, raw sewage began entering the basement of the Thompson residence on Lincoln Avenue North, Center, around 12:30 p.m. Laurie Thompson notified the city of Center about the problem. When M. Thompson arrived home, approximately 1 inch of raw sewage was covering 60 percent of the basement.
A sump pump was administered to remove the sewage and a tennis ball was placed in the floor drain. The Thompsons then contacted Haugen’s Drain Service in Washburn to acquire a visit to ensure the sewer line from the residence was indeed clear to the street as well as to ensure no debris from cleaning the main line traveled back up the resident sewer line.
Rooterooter then jetted the main line, opening up the clogged area that included three clumps of tree branches and debris. Pat Haugen ran the residential line once the main line was clear and no debris was encountered.
M. Thompson asked the council to reimburse them for the damages and cleanup which included Haugen’s Drain Service bill, DVDs and games lost, floor paint and cleaner, stair carpet that couldn’t be cleaned and 28 man hours for a total of $916.11.

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