October 9, 2008

City asked to give back to Housing Authority for development

The streets are paved. The water and sewer lines are installed. Ground is being prepared for tree planting next spring. All that’s left to complete the Hazel Miner Addition are houses.

Joan Ronholdt, a member of the Center Housing Authority, appeared at the Center City Council meeting Oct. 6 with a request to encourage building in the development. She asked the council members to give the city’s backing to a "four-plex or a duplex" to be built in the development to be available for renters. The units could be sold after 15 years.

"We don’t want to be in competition with any private owners, though," Ronholdt said. "I think we need to get something going, something to show in the addition."

Mayor Richard Zarr said that the city would have to sign on the bottom line if it got involved in rental units. The council decided to consider Ronholdt’s suggestion.

Councilwoman Sandy Olin asked the city to allocate $5,000 in the special projects section of the budget for further promotion of addition.

"We need a professional brochure and advertising to promote development," Olin said.

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