April 23, 2014

City checking for water system leaks

City Auditor Becky Vosberg reported to city council members that there have been discrepancies between the amount of water reported through meter readings and the amount billed to the city by Southwest Water Authority.
“If we’re into too much of a discrepancy, we need to figure this out,” Council Member Mary Wahlman said. “It wasn’t a big problem when we were pumping our own (water), but now we’re buying water.”
Vosberg will contact the rural water system to come out to help the city detect any leaks that may be present in the system. She also noted that there are still some errors in meter reading, which contribute to the discrepancies, and that the new meter reading software will update the current program so that all of the involved systems are compatible.
Spring Clean-up Days
Curbside pick-up for Spring Clean-up Days will be Saturday, May 17. A dumpster will be provided at the city shop May 15-18 for electronics, whiteware and metals. The city will not accept tires, batteries, oil or items containing Freon.
Old Settler’s street closure
A request was submitted to the city for street closures for the Old Settlers Days parade Saturday, June 14, and assistance with benches and bleachers as has been requested and provided in the past. The request was approved.
Beer garden
The Lone Wolf, Cahoon’s and Wolfie’s Tavern requested beer garden permits for Old Settlers Days in June. Discussion ensued as to locations, ensuring under-age individuals are not served, and use of appropriate containers. A motion was made and approved for the three establishments to have outdoor beer gardens during Old Settlers Days providing that security is on duty, wristbands are used to identify persons of legal drinking age, and that no glass containers are used. Bar owners are to work together to develop a consistent system of identifying patrons who are 21 years of age or older.

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