July 16, 2014

City Council addresses property upkeep

By Annette Tait

Citizen concerns about junked vehicles, trash and poorly maintained houses voiced at the June city council meeting were addressed during the council’s July 7 meeting. Residents present at the July meeting noted that ditch mowing is also an issue.
Property and yards
Council Member Keith Erhardt, whose portfolio includes the Housing Authority, reported that the authority sent certified letters to the identified property owners requesting that they comply with city ordinances relating to upkeep of residences and empty homes. Letters were sent to owners regarding one unoccupied house and 20 yards that need to be cleaned up. Property owners will have 30 days to comply before the city takes action.
Erhardt noted that there is also a property in the industrial park that has been brought to the council’s attention. As the property is not zoned residential, further research is needed before the council can determine next steps.

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