October 8, 2014

City council approves balanced 2015 budget

 Silence was golden during the public hearing held Monday evening during the city council meeting. The hearing is required by law to provide residents with the opportunity to comment on the preliminary city budget prior to the council’s vote.
“We did balance for next year,” Mayor Sandy Olin said. “It was nip and tuck, there were a lot of cuts, but it’s balanced.”
The final 2015 budget estimates expenditures at not quite $23,000 more than the estimated expenditures for 2014 and includes a tax levy of $61,727 upon all the taxable property in the city for the calendar year ending Dec. 31. Levy amounts were general fund, $51,727; Social Security, $5,000; and Insurance Reserve, $5,000. The majority of increases in the expenditure estimate are for salaries and benefits (approximately $6,000), engineering fees ($3,000), insurance ($5,000), policing services (roughly $4,000) and E-911 services (not quite $2,000).


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