July 11, 2018

City Council discusses many different topics

By Jarann Johnson
Last week’s Center City Council meeting was a bit odd. There was a lot of discussions but very little action. The meeting was without two councilors, which may have led to the discussion heavy meeting.
The early part of the meeting didn’t go, as usual. In fact, it was skipped. City councilor JD Hanson and mayor Harold Wilkens weren’t at the meeting and the councilors decided it would be better to approve the minutes and city committee appointments from the previous city council meeting with both at the meeting.
Mike Schutt ran the meeting in place of Wilkens and the meeting zoomed to personal appearances. Lori Jares asked the council to look into a drainage issue by her house.
“The curb in front of my house is all just down. Every time it rains water puddles in there and I get bugs and all kinds of crap. You can see this was like that before I even moved in,” Jares said. “We tried to talk about getting this fixed last year.”

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