October 3, 2018

City council meeting features a crowd

By Jarann Johnson
There were about 13 people at Monday night’s Center City Council meeting, which is far more than the meeting at the Center Civic Center usually has. Normally, the crowd gathered at the meeting is less than five people.
There’s wasn’t an obvious reason at the start of the meeting. But there was some early excitement when Dan and Jessica Selensky approached the city council to discuss finding a lot to build a butcher shop.
“We want to figure out if the city is interested in having us and if there is some type of help you can give us for finding a location.  Finding a lot or building somewhere to put up this business,” Jessica said Selensky said.
City councilors Mike Schutt and JD Hanson said they had both talked with Ole Sletten about his interest in selling one of his industrial lots. They indicated he would be interested in fielding an offer.
City Auditor Terrie Nehring asked what the perfect situation is for them. Dan Selensky said it would be to build the shop because it’s hard to find a shop with the proper features for a butcher shop. Dan Selensky said it would be a custom shop where he would dispatch the products at farms out of town then bring it back.

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