July 3, 2018

City council organizes

By Jarann Johnson

JD Hanson led Center City Council’s organizational meeting last week in place of Center Mayor Harold Wilkens. Hanson and the city council quickly moved through the agenda and to the main point of the meeting, which was approving new oath of office agreements and assigning committee responsibilities.
Hanson read off a list of committee appointments and asked city councilors if they wanted to make any changes. One change was subbing in Allen Troy for Kevin Hoffman on the golf course board. Another change was Mike Schutt subbing in for JD Hanson on the negotiators committee. Hoffman also decided to be on the housing authority committee.
The other key part of the short meeting was approving oath of officer agreements for Allen Troy and JD Hanson. Hanson was re-elected to city council in the June 12 primary election. Allen Troy won his seat and is replacing Dallas Morast. Both agreements were approved and the meeting concluded in about 10 minutes.

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