January 10, 2018

City Council sets date for tabletop, approves $60,000 for LOMAR-F

By Jarann Johnson
Dallas Morast found himself with the gavel and in control of the first city council meeting of the year. Morast subbed in for Mayor Harold Wilkens at the Monday evening meeting at the Center Civic Center. There were two major highlights at the meeting.
City Engineer AJ Tuck and Oliver County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed appeared before the council. Tuck discussed his City Engineer contract and completing a FEMA LOMAR-F project. Reed discussed setting up a tabletop exercise.
Tuck approached the council first and said he wanted to renew the contract between himself and the city as City Engineer. Tuck said the contract was the same but just a bit longer.
“Last year just had one for one year. The only difference between this one is you push it out for five years. I won’t have to come back next January. You can still fire me anytime, I can still fire you anytime,” Tuck said.

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