May 9, 2018

City Council solves dumpster debate

By Jarann Johnson
Back at it again. Monday evening’s Center City Council meeting featured another residential garbage debate. Center City Council narrowly approved an amendment to the current way trash is billed 3-2.
City council didn’t take any action on the issue at the April Center City Council meeting. They discussed options and thoughts with Waste Management. City Councilman Mike Schutt wasn’t at the April meeting because he was tending to a family health matter.
City councilman JD Hanson made a suggestion to the city council about making billing equal for residents in Center.
“My suggestion is right now we are paying $18 for the first tote. You pay $18 for the first half-yard and I think everybody should pay that. If they have a dumpster or a tote, everybody should pay $18 for their first half-yard. Beyond that, whether you have three totes, a dumpster or whatever – you pay a set rate for each additional half yard. Let’s say $10,” Hanson said.


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