January 14, 2015

City council tackles snow removal

By Annette Tait
North Dakota weather, particularly cold and snow, is an ever-present conversation topic regardless of how good or bad it may be. This proved true at last week’s city council meeting, with snow removal finding its way onto the agenda.
Council members have received calls about the need for snow removal from the parking lot by the swimming pool. Mayor Sandy Olin, reporting on behalf of absent Council Member Dallas Morast, noted that city streets have a higher priority than the parking lot, which can be difficult to clear when parked cars hamper snow removal efforts. It is Olin’s understanding that city employee Rod Berger and Center-Stanton Public Schools Superintendent Curt Pierce are meeting to discuss the situation and work toward a solution.
Concerns have also been expressed about the area at the front of the civic center doors. City Auditor Becky Dollinger and City Clerk Terrie Nehring are currently clearing the snow from that area. Council Member Eric Casson noted that the city is responsible for the civic center in the same manner as other businesses in town are responsible for their sidewalks.
“This is the city’s building and we need to take care of it,” Casson said.
Olin agreed. “There’s a lot of traffic, and we need to make sure that it’s safe for our citizens,” she said.

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