March 15, 2017

City council takes stand on delinquent water bills

By Annette Tait
Issues with City of Center water bills can be likened to the single drip of water that, over time, becomes a leak in need of repair.
The “drip” -- delinquent water bills -- grew to a point where there were numerous issues over a period of time with people not paying their bills, requesting delayed payments, and accruing bills so large they were unable to pay them. After the topic arose in earlier council meetings, Council requested a list of delinquent water bills for review during the March council meeting, and discussed how best to fix the “leak.”
“There needs to be a stop before the bill gets that large,” Mayor Harold Wilkens said.
According to the city ordinance, service to the residence is to be shut off when a water bill is 60 days’ delinquent. Council reinforced that, while city employees are responsible for bringing overdue bills to council’s attention, it is council’s job to determine enforcement.

Council reviewed the current fireworks ordinance, with Council Member Mike Schutt suggesting ending the hours that fireworks are allowed to be set off at 11 p.m. The ordinance currently permits fireworks to be discharged between 10 a.m. and midnight June 27 through July 3 and on July 5, and from 10 a.m. July 4 to 2 a.m. July 5.


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