March 14, 2018

City Council talks snow removal

By Jarann Johnson
Monday evening the Center City Council met for a re-scheduled meeting. City Council’s usual meeting date of the first Monday of the month was canceled last week because of an early week snow storm. This month’s meeting featured a lot of frustration.
Center Mayor Harold Wilkens quickly moved through the first part of the meeting, which was mainly about bills. City council quickly reviewed the bills and approved them. Next up, the meeting moved to personal appearances.
David Hilliard, Oliver County Sheriff, addressed the city council saying he came to the meeting because his presence was requested. City auditor Terrie Nehring said the reason why Hilliard’s pr presence was requested.
“We need to start enforcing for people throwing snow into the street. Shandy Kraft [city secretary] had a lot of complaints while I was gone last week about people just blowing it into the street and then the city coming back by and moving it,” Nehring said.

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