April 22, 2020

City increase values two percent

By Jarann Johnson
City of Center officials met last week via a teleconference to review the tax equalization suggestion to increase the city’s overall property assessment by 2.130 percent.
Patricia Koapke, Oliver County Tax Director, opened the meeting and told the city councilors she wanted to go over the procedure for ensuring the meeting still followed public meeting laws.
“I would like to go over a few items for the meeting so all of us are on the same page and get this correct,” Koapke said.
After going over meeting procedures and the plan for the meeting Koapke asked all in attendance to identify and introduce themselves. Meeting attendees included; Harold Wilkens (Center Mayor), Mike Schutt (City Council), Kevin Hoffman  (City Council), JD Hanson (City Council), Danielle Butler (City Auditor), Jarann Johnson (Center Republican representative), John Mahoney (City attorney).
Koapke recapped what the values are looking like in the city.
“Our whole true and full value of our parcels was $32.7 million. Our proposed 2020 true and full values of our properties are $33.4 million. This is a difference of about $696,721 for true and full value. That is the number we will take to estimate taxes,” Koapke said.
“I did do an example of what this increase could look like. Of course, we don’t have 2020 mills at this time. I did use the 2019 mill rate of 191.7; With this taxable value the increase to the city would be about $6,181.67.”


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