November 6, 2008

City landscaping issues draw fire at City Council

The monthly Center City Council meeting got off to a contentious beginning Nov. 3 as Doug Thomas issued a complaint concerning landscaping that was done this past summer. He spoke on behalf of this mother, Cathy Thomas, who owns the property. Landscaping needed to be done around the mobile home because drainage was a problem in the area.

"It’s been six months and there’s not a single blade of grass there yet," D. Thomas said.

He said that he had to clean up the yard because of the poor job done by the company hired by the city, Northern Improvement.

"I don’t mind helping my mom, but I’m done with it now."

"What do you want done?" Mayor Richard Zarr asked.

"I wanted the soil conditioned. It’s hard as a rock, and they just threw grass around," D. Thomas said. Council members agreed that planting grass this time of year was useless. C. Thomas asked the council if they would hire a landscaper to do a more professional job on her yard.

"What if we waited until spring and brought a landscaper in and have it done right, would that make you happy?" Councilwoman Sandy Olin asked.

Zarr said that if the council agrees the city would pay for the work.


By Tim Erhardt

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