September 14, 2016

City, school district partner on new sign

By Annette Tait
Events -- community, school, sporting, and other activities – are the heartbeat of cities and towns the size of Center. The marquee sign near the civic center is used to create awareness of those events for residents and visitors alike, but can be victim to wind and weather which sometimes removes letters and alters the posted message.
Center-Stanton School Board Member Rick Schmidt appeared before the city council at its September meeting, to propose an alternative.
“[The school board] had a discussion about the rock sign out in front of the school, which still reads ‘Center High School,’” Schmidt said, noting people have asked how long the district has to be consolidated before the sign is updated.
The school board recently addressed that question by discussing a new 5-foot by 8-foot LED-lighted sign, similar to the sign installed at Century High School, Bismarck.
“We would like to put it out on Center Avenue,” Schmidt said, noting better visibility than it would have in front of the school. “We can put on as many screens as desired to advertise school and city events.”
The school board proposed replacing the existing marquee sign with the LED version, to be managed by the school. The city and other entities as appropriate will still be able to list upcoming events, with the option of running a dozen or more rotating messages at any given time.

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