January 14, 2015

City’s recycling survey results are in

Mixed results on interest,
fees for service options.
By Annette Tait
City residents were recently asked to complete surveys to indicate their level of interest in recycling services and whether they are willing to pay additional fees for such services. Printed surveys were sent out with water bills and an online version of the survey was available via the city’s Facebook page. A total of 71 surveys were returned: 40 hard copies and 31 online.
Respondents who currently recycle edged out non-recyclers by about 8 percent, with two not answering the question. The majority, about 53 percent, would appreciate door-to-door recycling services, with a little more than 18 percent answering “no” and about 28 percent not responding to the question.
Responses to the question asking participants to rate the importance of recycling are somewhat difficult to interpret, as they were fairly evenly spread across the rating scale. More than 18 percent gave the importance of recycling a rating of “1” (low importance), almost 10 percent rated it “2,” ratings of “3” and “4” each received almost 20 percent of the responses, and nearly 30 percent responded with a rating of “5” (high importance). Not quite 3 percent of responders chose not to answer the question.

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