December 6, 2012

Clubhouse lease and liquor licenses pass with ease

The Square Butte Creek Golf Club was again awarded the contract to operate the city golf course Dec. 3 at the Center City Council meeting. In the bid submitted to the City Council, club President James Ronholdt wrote, “Any profits made from the operation of the clubhouse have been and will be reinvested in the clubhouse or in the course.” The club’s bid was the only one submitted; the three-year agreement starts on Jan. 1, 2013, and ends Dec. 31, 2015. Councilor Dallas Morast will email a request to the club to provide a more detailed treasury report than the council has received in the past.
The council also reviewed annual applications for liquor licenses and granted licenses to Myron and Susie Cahoon, Cahoon’s Place, for on-sale and Sunday opening; and to Jody Wolf, Wolfie’s Place, and Dale Barth, Lone Wolf, for on- and off-sale and Sunday opening. City attorney John Mahoney noted that the license for Wolfie’s Place excludes the private residence on the second floor. Mayor Sandy Olin noted that, according to information she requested from the Oliver County Sheriff’s office, there were fewer incidents over the last year than in the past. The council also reminded the bar owners to make sure the bar area at the civic center is cleaned out after events.

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