July 18, 2018

College Check in: Karson Backer

By Jarann Johnson
Karson Backer lived through a nightmare last year. He found the perfect match for school and baseball, then he heard his school wasn’t going to have baseball after his freshman year concluded. Most of Backer’s future teammates skipped town but a few stayed around.
When Backer found out the news, he was playing baseball and felt sad.
“We had a game in Washburn then my mom came and told me that they released it and the team is getting cut. My initial thought was really sad because I thought they weren’t going to have a season. I was sad that I had to find a whole new school,” Backer said.
Backer said the main reasons he chose to stay around were the chance to play and also the fact DSU had a lot to offer him as a student-athlete.
“But when I heard they were still having the season my first thought was I would have more playing time since I heard more people were opting out. Or a chance at more playing time. That was really intriguing to me,” Backer added.
“Coach asked me before I signed ‘Would you go here without baseball?’ I thought about it and said yes I would. I figured I should commit because I had signed for more than just baseball.”

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