November 8, 2016

Commission addresses road safety concerns

By Annette Tait                                      

A request for reduced speed on Hwy. 200 near the grain elevator and rumble strips at the intersection of Hensler Road and Hwy. 25 were two of the road topics discussed by Oliver County commissioners at the November meeting.
Safety concerns regarding the speed limit on Hwy. 200 and truck traffic in and out of the grain elevator were discussed during the October commission meeting. The topic was raised due to concerns voiced to commissioners by Oliver county residents.
However, since that meeting, the commissioners have received numerous comments against having the speed reduced in that area. In light of the commentary, the commissioners tabled the speed reduction request to allow for further study.
Safety concerns were also raised about the intersection of south Hensler Road where it ends at Hwy. 25. There have been several instances where vehicles have missed the stop sign and traveled through the intersection onto private property. There was also a collision earlier this year, when a vehicle failed to stop and struck a vehicle traveling on Hwy. 25.

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