November 8, 2017

Commission looks at alternatives for emergency dispatching services

By Annette Tait

Time is of the essence in an emergency. Whether it involves law enforcement, the fire department and/or the ambulance, emergency services need to be efficiently and effectively dispatched to the correct location. Providing the first two factors are met, the county must also seek to provide E-911 dispatching service in the most cost-effective manner possible.
Discussion at a previous commission meeting touched on the cost factor for dispatching, a service that is currently provided by Mercer County under contract which is also available through the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services State Radio Communications System. The topic arose during review of costs and options for technology upgrades for the Sheriff’s Department, including radio communications and laptop computers for the patrol cars.
In response, Oliver County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed invited Mike Lynk and Bill Haas from the NDDES to provide an overview of how the State Radio system works, its protocols and procedures, and potential costs, and to answer any questions the commissioners and Sheriff’s Department personnel might have.


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