March 12, 2014

Commission reviews data storage needs, roads

Server purchase
County Auditor Judith Hintz presented the information requested last month by the commissioners to follow-up on discussion about the need for and costs to purchase a new server to increase data storage capabilities. The current server works well for the recorder/clerk of courts office, but is not sufficient for the storage needs of the tax director, treasurer, and auditor. Adding a server will ensure all offices’ storage requirements are addressed.
“You have to make sure you’re getting what you need,” Commission Chairman Lee Husfloen said, indicating future needs are to be considered during the decision-making process to ensure sufficient capacity is purchased.
County Treasurer Lee Benjamin researched the storage issue and concurred that a second server is needed. According to quotes received by Benjamin, total cost will be about $20,000, which includes $9,650 for the main server hardware, plus software and additional materials needed for installation.
“The intent is to purchase a server that is capable of handling future needs,” Benjamin said.  “This is a good-sized server, probably about twice the size of what we have.”
 “My thoughts are that we’re going to need it,” Commissioner Darrell Berger said. “I don’t see any other way around it.”
Road closure
County attorney John Mahoney provided a road closure agreement for commission signature that included language discussed with BNI Coal at the February commission meeting. The agreement states that the county is concerned about access for the public and for school bus routes, and that BNI will make reasonable efforts to acquire easement rights as needed in the vicinity of the section line should construction of a road become necessary within the 30-year term of the agreement.
The agreement was approved pending BNI signature. If BNI requests changes, a second vote will be required after the commission reviews the revised document.
Mahoney noted that the section line road between Sections 25 and 36, in T142N-84W was officially permanently closed in 1971; agreement from all involved landowners would be needed to re-open the road. If agreement cannot be obtained, a new road would have to be built on an alternate alignment.

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