April 15, 2015

Commission tables permit for new development

By Annette Tait
Oliver County commissioners reviewed a number of building and conditional use permits at the April regular meeting, approving most but tabling an application for a rural development. A conditional use application was submitted by Joe LaDuke, who is working with a partnership that has developed two other projects in North Dakota in the past 15 years and seeks to proceed with a rural development project on 722 acres located at the corner of Highway 25 and 26th Street SW. The developers’ intent is to divide the property into 40-acre parcels for people who want to live in the country.
The conditional use permit application was approved by the planning and zoning board during its regular meeting in March.
“They’re still working on how the individual lots will be governed; that will have nothing to do with the zoning of the land,” P&Z Chairman Dan Beuligan said. “As far as the conditional use side of it, [governance] wouldn’t have anything to do with that. They’ll be putting in individual sewer systems, rural water will be coming out, Custer Health has already reviewed it.”
After discussion between the commissioners and between the commissioners, Beuligan, and Land Use Administrator John Wicklund, the commissioners tabled the application pending submission of further information by LaDuke. The application will not require further review by P&Z.
The commissioners approved a number of permit requests at the recommendation of the P&Z, including conditional use and building permits for non-farm residences for Richard Niebauer, Mike Dresser, Amber Anderson, Jeff and Jessica Biesterfeld, and Cliff and Jessica Smith. The Smiths’ applications for conditional use and building permits had previously been approved but the permits had expired, requiring the Smiths to reapply in order to move forward with their project. Anderson noted via an email that there is a possibility they will want to house a ministry similar to Peace on the Prairie. The commission approved the conditional use and building permit for a non-farm residence only, as recommended by the P&Z. No action was taken on the ministry.

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