April 11, 2018

Commissioners get update from BNI

By Jarann Johnson
Oliver County Commissioners found themselves listening to a lot of thoughts last week. First, they got an update from BNI then they listened to a Community Club request and a hiring update.
Jay Volk and Jodey Houn came to the meeting to give the commissioners an update on BNI’s activities.
“We thought we’d give you guys an update, kind of an information share today. We aren’t asking for anything on this today. We thought we’d explain it to you guys and give an update on the county road or any other questions you guys have,” Volk said.
Volk moved on to discuss the conditional use permit BNI requested, saying it is in Section 20 and south of Highway 25. BNI will build some pounds in the section for reclamation purposes. The commissioners didn’t have any questions about the permit and Volk moved on to discussing the county road project.

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