December 11, 2008

Commissioners tackle many county issues

Oliver County auditor Barb Fleming issued certifications of election to Commissioners Kent Albers and Dwaine Helmers during the monthly meeting of the Oliver County Commission Dec. 4. Albers, serving District 1, and Helmers, serving District 3, were re-elected to four-year terms in November.

The commission plunged into a crowded agenda. They tackled two issues brought by landowners. Tony Heidrich asked about an easement so that he can place a fence on land that had formerly been part of a road that is no longer being used. He would like to run his fence straight to the present road thus adding nearly half an acre.

"It’s not worth taking haying equipment out there," he said.

"It’s nice you came to us ahead of time instead of just fencing it," states attorney Mike Liffrig said.

Liffrig asked Heidrich to talk to his neighbors about extending the fence, and Helmers explained that it had to be 75-feet from the centerline of the present road.

The commissioners didn’t see any problem with Heidrich doing the fencing. Liffrig said that there might be a future cost for Heidrich should he need to update his abstract.

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