March 8, 2017

Community Club donates 3 AEDs

By Annette Tait
Community AEDs -- automated external defibrillators -- save lives.
Even the best ambulance service in the world can’t respond as quickly as an on-site AED in the hands of someone who’s willing to use it. According to Johns Hopkins, researchers found that, in real-life, emergency situations, use of the laptop-size devices by random bystanders more than doubled survival rates among victims felled by a sudden heart stoppage due to a heart attack or errant heart rhythm.
“I think having the AEDs in the community improves response time, as there is a greater chance of having a unit nearby,” Oliver County Ambulance Association Squad Leader Mickie McNulty-Eide said. “These units are all pretty self-explanatory, and easy to use if the public needs to use them. Having them improves the chance of survival if someone does have a heart attack.”
Oliver County residents’ and visitors’ now how the benefit of three new community AEDs donated by the Center Community Club. Two of the new AEDs will be placed at the swimming pool and the golf course; the third will replace the obsolete model at the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center.
With these new additions, there are now six community AEDs in public places, as well those carried by the ambulance service and one each on-site at Minnkota Power and BNI Coal.
The Community Club became involved after a conversation with McNulty-Eide, who saw the need for an AED at the swimming pool.

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