August 13, 2014

Confusion over zoning contributes to complaints

By Annette Tait
Brad Dahl appeared at the August Center City Council meeting to request approval for a building permit for his property on the south side of Highway 25 just west of the bridge. The permit is for additions to the west and east ends of the building.
“We will be running three businesses out of the building – the trucking business, custom repair and Dahl and Daughters,” Dahl said, explaining that the custom repair business buys and rebuilds wrecked semi tractors, and that Dahl and Daughters contracts with FedEx. “We want to put up a poly building to put trucks and stuff in.”
The planning and zoning committee recommended the council approve the permit. However, several council members expressed reservations, as they had received complaints about the condition of the property from Dahl’s neighbors and other residents.
“The last few months my phone has been ringing off the hook about all the stuff you’re bringing in,” Council Member Dallas Morast said. “Some of the neighbors to the east have been having issues with that.”
Morast noted that there had been a similar conversation about two years ago, when Dahl obtained a permit to construct the building that is now on his property. The building was only partially completed, and semi tractors and trailers have been parked on the lot.
“Did you know that [lot is] residential?” Morast asked Dahl.
“No, I didn’t,” Dahl responded, noting that past owners had also parked semi tractors and trucks on the property. “Territorial Freight had it before we did.”


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