December 18, 2013

Council: ‘No exceptions’

By April Baumgarten

he City of Center is sticking to its motion when it comes to charging groups renting fees.
The City Council unanimously voted Monday during a meeting to charge profit or nonprofit organizations rent for large hall at the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center equally.
“Looking at our finances we have to stick to our motion,” Mayor Sandy Olin said. “We don’t have the money to be voiding it for every group that comes in here. I would rather go flat across the board and say everybody pays.”
The council has waived fees on a case-by-case basis. The city has incurred expenses to maintain the halls, officials said, adding they need to charge the fee to cover the cost.
“Where do we draw the line?” Olin said. “Where do we say that this is acceptable or not? I don’t know. Those are really hard decisions.”
The city charges organizations $50 to use the large hall and $35 for the small hall. The rent is inexpensive compared to other venues, council member Keith Erhardt said.


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