November 24, 2015

Council working to tie up loose ends on Ulteig billing

By Annette Tait
The Nov. 10 city council meeting began with a lengthy discussion with A.J. Tuck. Tuck and the council worked through the latest Ulteig invoice line by line, determining which projects were completed and which still have work remaining. Based on the discussion, the city will pay Ulteig $2,100 for work on property boundaries; $7,280 for video of the sanitary sewer system; $4,500 for work relating to the water, streets, and storm drains; and $4,410 for work relating to documentation necessary to request the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) remove the Hazel Miner Addition from the current flood plain, for a total payment of $18,290. Ulteig also waived all interest fees that appeared on the invoice.
EPA rule
Mayor Sandy Olin reported on the Coal Conversion Counties meeting and EPA Clean Power Plan rule that will be phased in beginning in 2017, and emphasized the importance of attending one of the upcoming public comment meetings to be held by the North Dakota Department of Health. Council agreed that making its position clear is essential, as the rule will negatively affect the coal industry – both in power generation and mining – in Oliver County.
“I want our people to know that we’re not sitting around not supporting our coal industry,” Olin said. “The City of Center stands against the EPA rule.”
Olin also noted that, even if comments weren’t made at the meetings, council members should attend as a show of support.
Council members agreed that a resolution should be drafted for submittal, officially putting the city on record against the new rule.

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