December 21, 2016

County approves work on low water crossing

By Annette Tait
Road safety and projects continued to dominate the county commission agenda at its December meeting. Jim Jackson, Moore Engineering, appeared to continue last month’s discussion of concerns about the intersection of Hensler Road and Hwy. 25, and also noted the need for an engineer for upcoming work on the low water crossing on 20th Street SW near the Bubel property.
Safety concerns about Hensler Road/Hwy. 25 intersection were raised during the November commission meeting. There have been several instances where vehicles have missed the stop sign and traveled through the intersection onto private property. There was also a collision earlier this year, when a vehicle failed to stop and struck a vehicle traveling on Hwy. 25.
Based on the NDDOT study, Jackson provided several options, including rumble strips as discussed during the November meeting, and the potential to light the intersection to improve visibility. There are pros and cons to each option, including funding sources, maintenance, and availability of electric power.

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