September 11, 2008

County begins revisions to comprehensive plans

By Kathy Tandberg
Time changes many things: the style of clothing, the way we wear our hair, the color we paint our homes, the cars we drive.
Time changes in towns and counties as well. The demographics of Oliver County – the characteristics and statistics important to life in an area, including population changes, type of jobs offered, growth – have changed as well.
In 1976, in order to plan for future growth, Oliver County officials created a comprehensive plan as required by North Dakota Century Code 11-33-03. The plan would guide county and local officials in making decisions for the demographics of the times.
The purpose of the comprehensive plan, as stated in the original document, was to set forth goals and objectives in preparation of growth and development in the county that would provide a framework and guidance for county and city decisions.
The document became a reliable reference source of data, information, maps and other material that would provide direction and assist the governing units of the county in certain areas of decision making.
Oliver County has long outgrown the 1976 plan. Oliver County commissioners have asked for an update that would work with the changing county and future growth.

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