October 11, 2017

County Commission finalizes 2018 budget

By Annette Tait
Oliver County commissioners had few disagreements during the budget process. They agreed it’s essential to keep the county’s budget in the black for 2018, a challenging effort considering the preliminary budget showed a projected deficit of almost $420,000 without including salary increases for county personnel.
In past years, the county has rarely gone over budget. This year, primarily due to legislation that reduced coal taxes and highway funding, revenue has dropped considerably.
 “We almost lost all of the money that returned to us from the tipple tax,” Commission Chair Lee Husfloen said. “We almost lost $120,000 but, after negotiating with the legislators, we regained about $80,000, so we only lost $40,000. But it’s going to come up again. Legislators think we’re a rich county; there’s a good chance we could lose all that money.”


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