July 26, 2017

County commission upgrades burn ban

By Annette Tait
Hot, dry conditions; frequent windy weather; and recent grass fires prompted Oliver-Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed to request that the Oliver County Commission upgrade the Stage I burn ban to remain in place regardless of the level of state or other fire ratings. The burn ban is now in place until further notice.
“Even though we’re still allowing campfires, people need to really, really use common sense,” Reed said. “If the wind is blowing, don’t have a fire. I urge people to use caution, and just be careful.”
Reed noted that people were using good judgement and not even baling hay during the red flag warning earlier this month. There were no fire calls over that weekend in either Oliver or Mercer county.
She also acknowledged there are some activities that must be undertaken, and asked people to be aware of conditions and take extra precautions.
“Farmers still have to farm, they still have to bale their hay,” Reed said, alluding to the recent baler-caused fire south of Beulah. “Just be really careful when driving on any kind of grass or anything that can start on fire. If a fire starts, call immediately -- the sooner the fire department can be en route the better.”


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