January 3, 2018

County Commissioner still mulling dispatch options

By Jarann Johnson
There was one major focus at last Thursday’s Oliver County Commission meeting. Commissioners were focused on figuring out what the best dispatch service for Oliver County is. Oliver County Commissioners where pondering State Radio vs. Mercer County.
Right now Oliver County relies on Mercer County for their dispatch service. According to the sheriffs of both counties, the relationship works well. What’s  causing the commissioners to think about switching is budget cuts.
County commissioner Darrell Berger cut right to the heart of the issue quickly and addressed Mercer County Sheriff Dean Danzeisen.
“It’s a budget issue. We are looking at different options for different things all the way through. This happened to be one of them. We would like to hear your input on where we are going if we stay with Mercer County,” Berger said.


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