August 8, 2018

County Commissioners hear civic center security debate

By Jarann Johnson
Last Thursday Oliver County Commissioners found themselves in a new spot. Usually, the commissioners are hearing requests from coal country, trying to settle a dispute between neighbors or making sure residents of Oliver County are being served effectively.
But last week they were trying to settle a dispute between the City of Center and the Oliver County Sheriff’s department. Oliver County Sheriff Dave Hilliard said his biggest problem with private security at the civic center is that he’s never notified.
“We had agreed that we would have some of the other security companies come in but I was to be notified of them and I was not notified. I talked to Terrie Nehring and Shandy [Kraft] at the city office and told them that I need to be notified when somebody else comes in. Not even, a week later, and I wasn’t notified of the second one that came in,” Hilliard said.

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