November 13, 2013

County heads want ‘equal treatment’

By April Baumgarten

Several Oliver County Courthouse department heads want to know why one department head got a larger pay increase.
Department heads addressed the County Commission on pay raises. The center of discussion focused on county auditor Judy Hintz, who received a $4,700 raise.
“I was just wondering how that happened,” county treasurer Lee Benjamin said.
The commissioners gave full-time employees a $2,400 raise across the board. Part-time workers will get a per-rated raise based on the increase.
Benjamin said he was grateful for the increase in pay but employees of equal ranking should get the same raise.
“I would like to thank you for that $2,400 raise. That was very generous,” he said. “I’m just saying that people need to be treated the same, as much as possible.”
Hintz was not the only employee to get an additional raise. The commission gave the sheriff and his deputies an additional $3,100 pay increase. The commissioners also raised their salaries to $10,000 a year.


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