May 6, 2015

County Treasurer Benjamin receives musical send-off

By Annette Tait
Most retirement celebrations offer cake, coffee or punch, and a toast or two to the retiree. Depending on the workplace and the honoree, there may be some humor involved, or there may not. If there’s music, it’s probably coming from a radio or audio device.
Unless you’re Oliver County Treasurer Lee Benjamin. Benjamin’s open house was probably the only retirement celebration that has had live music by members of Cotton Wood.
For those that know Benjamin, it was no surprise whatsoever that his friends would show up to play. After all, Benjamin plays banjo and supplies lead vocals and harmony for the popular bluegrass band, with an occasional contribution on the dobro.
“Jill Weiss and Dan Foster, along with Lee, entertained everybody with a few songs, and Lee shared a few memories of the past 24 years,” Extension Assistant Dawn Alderin said. “It was a nice afternoon for Lee, with many people from the community and treasurers from Morton and Mercer counties.”
Benjamin’s reflections included those of past deputy treasurer Henrietta Yeager, current deputy treasurer Penny Pulver, and a wealth of memories from his time serving the citizens of Oliver County.

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