September 14, 2016

Countywide assessments to start Sept. 23

By Annette Tait
In an effort to comply with state statute, Oliver County will begin a county-wide property assessment update Sept. 23. City properties have already undergone this process; this project will include only properties outside of the city limits.
Property assessments are used to equalize property owners’ taxes – to make sure they are only paying their fair share of the county’s tax burden. Oliver County’s property record cards are outdated, making them an unreliable source to use in determining an accurate assessment.
“[The county is] required to have a parcel card for every parcel in the county,” Oliver County Director of Equalization Teri Schulte said. “That is not just for Oliver County, it is a statewide statute.”
Vanguard Appraisals, the company that also completed the city reassessments, has been contracted for the project; its representatives will carry photo identification. The Oliver County Sheriff’s Office and the Oliver County Equalization Office will have a listing of all names and license plate numbers of Vanguard personnel involved in the project.
During the assessment process, Vanguard will reappraise every residential and commercial property within the county based on door-to-door inspections.

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