March 21, 2018

Crocobots compete at Super Regionals

By Jarann Johnson
The Center-Stanton Robotics team traveled to Iowa last weekend for the school’s first taste of the Super Regional North First Tech Challenge. Super regionals are comprised of the best teams from the North Region.
Team advisor Jodi Hintz said the first day the team arrived was just a check-in and practice day.
“We got down there and the competition is over three days. On the first day, they just check everything to make sure everything follows all the rules. It’s called inspection and that pretty much took all day. Then you had practice,” Hintz said.
Day 2 of Super Regionals was tougher. Center-Stanton spent the day battling through nine matches with their alliance partner.
“Friday you had nine rounds and you partnered with an alliance team and you competed against other teams. You had nine matches and then that decided who was going to be in the semifinals,” Hintz said.


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