April 2, 2014

CS students participate in Scrubs Camp in Hazen

Center-Stanton students Macauley Haag, Abby Hintz, Mykaela Jacobson, Seth Johnson, Remi Sack and Devin Ternes joined more than 80 eighth-grade students from the Hazen and Beulah school districts at Scrubs Camp, a health career awareness event held last week at Hazen High School. The camp was one of 10 held throughout the state as a part of a campaign to increase awareness, interest, and understanding of health careers available in rural North Dakota.
During the camp, students had opportunities to participate in hands-on experiences and learn about health career tracks such as public health; emergency medicine; nursing; physical, respiratory and occupational therapy; social work; health informatics; and pharmacy.
“Occupational therapists help people at home (re-learn how to) get dressed, and shower and eat and do their hair,” Sack said.
Johnson offered an example. “If you have hip problems, you’d have to sit back in your chair and she has certain devices that help you put your socks and shoes on.”
Johnson also liked the physical therapy presentation, where students learned how a therapist asks patients questions about their activities and daily routines, and also observes body movement to determine if a physical issue is related to body structure, posture, repetitive motion or another cause.
“I want to be an athletic trainer, and that’s kind of what (the presenter) helps with,” he said.
The students also had opportunities to read X-rays and take simulated training in concussion testing and administering vaccines, and listened to presentations about medical coding; nutrition and digestion; how infectious diseases spread, and how medications can be administered through an IV.


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